Each House shall have its own duly elected Secretary. The Secretary must be a resident of the particular house and shall serve for a term not to exceed six months. An individual may not succeed him/herself in the same office; however, he/she may be elected to the same office after a period of six months has elapsed.


 Weekly House Meeting

The Secretary of the House shall have the responsibility for maintaining the Minutes of each meeting and the minutes should, at a minimum, contain the following:

      • The date and time of the meeting;
      • The name of the officer officiating;
      • The name of members present at the meeting;
      • The wording of all motions and whether or not the motion or resolution was approved; and
      • The time the meeting adjourned.



In addition to Meeting responsibilities, the Secretary shall have the responsibility for initiating all correspondence that concerns the House, such correspondence to include thank- you letters to individuals who have made donations to that House. Generally, thank-you letters should be signed by as many members of the House as possible.

RAP Survey Forms

The Secretary shall keep the records of weekly resident activity.  This requires filling out the RAP survey form every week and either calling the RAP office with a "No Change" or faxing the filled out form to the RAP office after each meeting. The RAP fax # is 971-242-8876.


The Secretary is responsible for making sure that the house has the requisite forms it needs to perform all house business.  Forms can be downloaded from the "Download Forms" section of this website or copied from the blank copies provided with the manual.

Electronic Equipment

The Secretary is responsible for maintaining the electronic communication equipment in working order.  That includes the fax machine, the printer and the computer.  Paper and printer ink for house business is to be purchased by the house.

Intake Folders

The house should have pre-made intake folders ready for new house members.  There should be at least 5 available at all times.  This could be done on a monthly basis.  If there is a Housing Services Representative it is that person's responsibility.  If there isn't, it is the Secretary's responsibility.

These folders should include the following:

      • The Intake procedure,
      • Application,
      • Contract (2 copies, one for the new member and one in their House personal file),
      • Emergency Medical Form (to be sealed in an envelope and put in personal file),
      • Member Property Form (2 copies, one for the new member and one in their House personal file),
      • RAP Survey Form (goes to the Secretary),
      • Individual Member Account Form (goes to the Comptroller),
      • Fire Intake Form, and
      • RAP Expectations (2 copies, one for the new member and one in their personal file).

Check Out Procedure

If there is no Housing Services Representative, then it is the Secretary's responsibility to "check out" a leaving house member.  This means two things:

      • Be sure the house member is not leaving with any house belongings, and
      • Be sure that the "leaving member" of the RAP survey form is filled out, especially with contact information.



Secretary Responsibilities and Forms

Secretary Responsibilities.pdf 68.5KB
Form for Minutes.pdf 55.9KB
How to Record Motions.pdf 46.1KB
Survey Form.pdf 122.6KB