Each house shall have its own duly elected President. The President must be a resident of the particular house and shall serve for a term not to exceed six months.  An individual may not succeed him/herself in the  same office; however, he/she may be elected to the same office after a period of six months has elapsed.


Weekly Business Meeting

Meets with the Treasurer and the Comptroller the day before the weekly house meeting (in order to reflect information as of that night) to make sure that:

    • They know how much money is in the checking account,
    • That all bills that have been received are recorded,
    • That all payments from members have been receipted and are accurately recorded on the deposit slip,
    • The cash flow form has been updated.

House Meeting

The President shall have the responsibility for calling a regular meeting not less than once a week.  The President shall preside over the meeting and shall:

    • Call for the reading of the minutes of the last meeting,
    • Call for the reading of the Treasurer's Report,
    • Call for the reading of the Comptroller's Report,
    • Call for the reading of the Chore Coordinator Report,
    • Call for the reading of the Housing Services Representative Report,
    • Bring up for consideration any pending "old" business,
    • Bring up for consideration any new applications for membership in RAP House,
    • Entertain motions for any "new" business, and
    • Ask for a report from the House Services Representative (HSR) on the current physical condition of the house and any request that the HSR may have for assistance in completing projects, initiating projects, or assuring general upkeep of the physical premises of the house.
    • Once a month, the President must review the House Rights & Responsibilities.

House meetings should be held on a regular meeting day at a regular time unless some situation exists which needs prompt attention. Such situations would include financial crises, new membership applications, or any other problem where time is of the essence. At a minimum, a meeting notice should be posted by 9:00 AM of the morning on which the meeting is to be held.

Monthly Pre- Chapter Business Meeting

The chapter meeting will be the Sunday of the first full week of the month.

On the second business day of the month, the Treasurer will print the bank account statement.  This will be faxed or emailed to the house by RAP staff.

The business meeting will include a RAP staff member, the President, Treasurer and Comptroller.

    • The Treasurer will balance the checkbook.  There are instructions for balancing the checking account and a worksheet form.
    • Meet with the President and the Comptroller to fill out the Monthly Financial Report.
    • The President will fill out the Chapter Meeting Summary Report.

The President is responsible for the intake process of new members if there is no Housing Services Representative.  (See Intake Procedure.)

House Leadership

The President shall have the general duty of accepting the responsibility for general leadership within the house. Such leadership should include the encouragement of frequent meetings attendance and Domestic Violence support groups by members of the House. In addition, the President should stand ready to entertain any complaints from any members of the House as to general operations, personality conflicts, or events taking place outside the House, which would affect the reputation of the House.

However the president is not a referee!

In addition to his/her overall responsibilities,  the President shall serve as chief officer for the investigation of any complaints relating to the possession or use of alcoholic beverages or drugs of any kind by any member of the house.

Check Signing

The President shall be one of the officials authorized to sign checks for the House.


    •    House Monthly Financial Report
    •    Chapter Meeting House Summary Report

President Responsibilities & Forms

President Responsibilities.pdf Revised: August 2013
Parlimentary Procedures.pdf Revised: August 2013
Sample Meeting Agenda.pdf Revised: August 2013
Monthly Reconciliation and Audit.pdf Revised: August 2013
Monthly Chapter Housing Summary Report.pdf Revised: August 2013