As the Leader of the house, it is up to the president to lead by example.   The President is responsible for developing  an environment of safety, accountability and responsibility.  

The Treasurer is responsible for the financial health of the house.  They are the keeper of the budget.

The Comptroller is responsible for keeping the financial records of the house and making sure that bills are paid and rents are collected.

The Secretary is responsible for the minutes of house meetings.  These minutes provide assurance that the house is treating its members fairly and making sound decisions relating to the health of the house and members in it.

The Chore Coordinator is responsible for the physical appearance of the house, the cleanliness of the house and the physical safety of house members.  They are in charge of fire and security issues.

The Housing Services Representative has two major responsibilities.  They are responsible for the maintenance of the house including the house property inventory.  And they are in charge of new members including recruiting and intake.