Following is the intake procedure for new members.  Intake is the responsibility of the Housing Services Representative.  If there is no Housing Representative, it becomes the responsibility of the House President.


Application Form

The potential new member must fill out the application form.  At the same time they should be given a copy of the RAP Membership Contract and the House Rights and Responsibilities to read.


After they have filled out the application and read the RAP Expectations and the House Rights and Responsibilities, they can be interviewed by the House.  (See suggested interview questions.)

Election and Contract

Once they have been elected by 80% of the house, they can be admitted.  Upon admission they must sign a contract.  That contract states that:

    • They have read the RAP Membership Contract and the House Rights and Responsibilities.
    • Explains means of expulsion.
    • Talks about expulsion due to disruptive behavior.
    • Explains the Equal Expense Share (EES) and penalties for not paying on time.
    • Explains what happens to abandoned property.
    • Asks the new member to think about a contingency plan in case they have to leave the house.  They really need to think about this.  Would they call a family member?  Go back to the Gateway Center, talk to a social worker or DHS?  We really want them to identify their resources now!

Survey Form

After they have signed the contract, the secretary needs to ask the new member to fill out the survey form for RAP.

Personal Folder

The Housing Services Representative or President also needs to make a personal folder for the new member containing:

    • The signed contract
    • An Emergency Medical Form,
    • A  Property Form
    • Fire Safety Form

Emergency Medical Form

The Emergency Medical Form can be sealed in an envelope and signed by the house member to be handed to an EMT person or a doctor.  It is then kept in the members personal file.

Individual Member Account Form

The Comptroller needs to fill out a new Individual Member House Account form for recording all payments made by the house member.

Fire Safety

The Chore Coordinator needs to show all new members where the fire extinguishers are, discuss procedures in case of a fire and have them sign the fire intake form.


The new member should be shown the website to read External link opens in new tab or and or the manual.



The Housing Services Representative should have made out folders with the following forms to use during the Intake process:

    • Application
    • Contract 2 copies, (one for the new member and one in their House personal file),
    • Emergency Medical Form (to be sealed in an envelope and put in personal file),
    • Member Property Form (2 copies, one for the new member and one in their House personal file),
    • Individual Member Account Form (goes to the Comptroller),
    • Fire Intake Form,

Forms for Intake Folder

Intake Procedure.pdf 55.2KB
Application for Membership.pdf 56.5KB
Membership Contract Revised.pdf 114.8KB
Emergency Medical Form.pdf 48.7KB
Member Property List.pdf 42.1KB
RAP Survey copy.pdf 122.0KB
Individual Member Account.pdf 43.8KB
Fire Intake Form.pdf 45.4KB
Rap House Expectations .pdf 81.6KB

 Remember:  The folders require two copies each of the Contract, the Member Property form and the RAP Expectations Form