This section is to provide house members with the information they need to be successful members of a RAP house.  It includes the following:


I.     Federal Fair Housing Act and Landlord Tennant Act

The Federal Fair Housing Act and the Landlord Tennant Act form the legal framework under which the houses operate.  These acts control who may or may not be admitted to a house and under what circumstances and with what procedures a member who is endangering a house may be asked to leave.  All new members should read these acts in order to know their legal rights. 


The sections have a copy of the full acts, general interpretations and information on how they apply to a RAP house.


II.    House Rights and Responsibilities

All houses operate under the three RAP principles of:


Rights and Responsibilities

Safety for Others

The "RAP Expectations" contains a list of basic principles RAP feels are critical to maintenance of a safe environment and the development of a supportive community within a house.  "House Rights and Responsibilities" are written by each house as extensions of the RAP Expectations.


III.   Contracts and Notices

Contracts and Notices are the legal ways house members use to provide accountability in a house.


Contracts are used to address a specific behavior which the house deems to be disruptive or dangerous.  When used correctly they are a teaching tool and should always contain positive alternatives.


Notices are proscribed by the Landlord Tennant Act.  It is critical that they be used correctly at all times.  This section provides detail on how that is done.


At the bottom are the relevant forms in a pdf format which can be downloaded and/ or printed.


IV.    Officer Responsibilities

This section is subdivided by house officer positions.  Each position has a descriptions of the position responsibilities.  At the bottom are the forms used by that position in a pdf format which can be downloaded and/or printed.


V.     Download Forms

All forms used in a house are posted here in a pdf format which can be downloaded and/or printed.  The forms are divided into the following subsections:

Intake Procedure Forms

Officer Forms

Notices and Contracts

VI.    Resources

This section contains lists of community resources which members might find helpful.