Each House shall have its own duly elected Coordinator. The Coordinator must be a resident of the particular House and shall serve for a term not to exceed six months. An individual may not succeed him/herself in the same office; however, he/she may be elected to the same office after a period of six months has elapsed.


The Chore Coordinator of the House shall:

Post the Chore Completed Form

The Chore Completed Form should be posted in a central location (on the white or cork board) every week.  Before the weekly meeting, the form should be replaced and the old form taken to the meeting.  The form should then be given to the Comptroller for the Comptroller to recommend the appropriate fines at the meeting.

House and Yard Maintenance

The Chore Coordinator is responsible for:

    • Encouraging all members of the House to contribute a fair share of time to maintain the House in a clean and organized manner;
    • Pointing out to any member their failure to pick up after him /herself; and
    • Enlisting the support of his/her fellow members in completing any projects undertaken by the House as a result of a resolution of motion passed at a meeting.

The Coordinator should not be responsible for undertaking any House cleaning or work duties over or beyond those, which would be his/her fair share. All members of a Survivor House are expected to work together in order to maintain a clean and livable home.

House Weekly Meeting
At each regular House meeting, the Coordinator should make a report to the membership as to the general condition of the House, the status of unfinished projects, and the general level of cooperation existing among the membership.

House Maintenance

If there is no Housing Services Representative, the Chore Coordinator is responsible for house maintenance.  This means identifying maintenance issues.  If it is determined that the landlord needs to be notified, it is the Chore Coordinator's responsibility to have the contact information available and to make the contact with the landlord.

Fire Safety

The Chore Coordinator is responsible for fire safety in the house.

This includes:

    • Identifying and testing of smoke detectors.  It is suggested that they be tested in January and June along with the fire drills.
    • Verifying that fire exits are not blocked;
    • That there are working fire extinguishers on every floor and in the kitchen and that everyone knows where they are and how to work them.
    • That there is a diagram of all fire exits on the white board.
    • Determining a gathering place outside so if the house needs to be evacuated it will be easy to perform a head count.
    • All new members are shown where extinguishers are located, the fire escape plan and the location of smoke detectors.  They should then sign the Fire Intake Form to go in their personal folders.
        • Fire escape plan or drills in June and January of every year.  Drills should include:
        • A practice of getting all the children and animals out of the house.  The drill should be a surprise drill.
        • A demonstration on how the extinguishers work.
        • A test of all the smoke detectors.
        • A discussion of how the drill went, how it could have been better, whether there needs to be a change in the fire escape plan.
    • After the fire drill, they send or fax RAP a copy of the Fire Drill and Smoke Detector Form signed and witnessed by the House President.
    • In case of a fire, the coordinator is responsible for:
      • Ensuring that all residents of the House are accounted for, and
      • Shutting off the gas meter.

Emergency Numbers

The Coordinator shall make sure there is a list of emergency numbers posted on the House white board.


Forms for this position:

Chore Completed Form

Fire Intake Form

Fire Drill and Smoke Detector Form



Responsibilities & Forms

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