Additional facts


  • No place to go/need for housing is the biggest reason women return to perpetrator (Links/Studies/PDF #2)

  • At 46.8 % alcohol and drug issues represent the largest single family stress factor when child abuse/neglect is present (Links/Studies/Child Welfare #1)

  • Foster care costs $24,000 per year per child.
  • The cost of domestic and sexual violence injuries in Oregon exceed $50 million/year.  $35 million of these costs are for direct medical and mental health care services.  $9.3 million of these costs are from victims' lost productivity from paid work. (Links/Studies/Domestic Violence #4)

  • Someone living on the streets costs the community $40,000 a year in prison costs and hospitalization.  Someone living in self-supporting recovery housing works and pays taxes. They become a net contributor rather than a draw on state, county, and city resources. (Links/Studies/Homelessness #1)