The Oregon Landlord Tenant Law  in External link opens in new tab or windowORS 90.394 specifies the details on giving a 72 hour notice for non-payment of rent.  A 72 hour notice is used only for non-payment of rent.  It can be issued if the following criteria have been met:

    • This equal share of expenses (EES) is due in advance on the 25th day of each month.
    • Failure to pay this amount before the 5th will result in a late fee.  
    • If a house member has not paid their EES by the 8th day of the following month (i.e. if the rent is due on June 25th, if he/she hasn't paid by July 8th) or signed a financial contract with the house, he/she will be served with a 72 hour notice to pay by the time stated on the 72 hour notice. 

72 Hour Notice

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