The 90 Day notice is intended to be used to remove people, not for violating rules, but whose behavior and attitude is disruptive to the house.  

It should not be used as part of a popularity issue. 

It is not a bar to a person applying to a different house.  Not all houses and people match well. 

Remember that we must think about principles, not personalities.  The principle that a house must think about when considering expelling a house member is that the life of the house comes before the needs of the individual. 


Also in RAP, we are looking for progress, not perfection.  People need time to grow,  especially people in early recovery.  Central to RAP housing is the willingness to change.  Everyone is coming out of difficult life situations.  RAP housing is about providing a safe environment in which people can change.  All that is really required for progress and growth in a house is willingness to change.  A 30 day notice means that the house thinks that the member is not willing to change.

As with other expulsion notices, this is defined in the Oregon Landlord Tenant Act  under External link opens in new tab or windowORS 90.427, "Termination of periodic tenancies." Members in houses are paying month to month which is called a "periodic tenancy" under the law. The 90 day notice is the most common type of expulsion and is known as a notice "for no cause."  With this notice, the landlord gives no reason for the termination of the rental agreement (although such a termination cannot be for an unlawful reason).

90 Day Notice

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