24 hour notices are about behaviors that are outrageous in the extreme, i.e.


    • If a house member or someone the house member controls (like a visitor or a child,) or a pet threatens to seriously injure someone in the house, creates a risk of serious injury, actually injures someone or injures a neighbor;
    • If they lied on the application or about a criminal conviction that would have prevented them from being allowed in the house for (example a sex offender), or
    • If they or someone the house member controls (like a visitor or a child), or a pet commits any act that is "outrageous in the extreme" on the premises or in the immediate vicinity of the premises.  "Outrages in the extreme" includes:
          • Prostitution, patronizing a prostitute or promoting prostitution;
          • Manufacture, deliver or possession of a controlled substance;
          • Intimidation by one or more persons due to race, color, religion, sexual orientation, disability or national origin,
          • Burglary, or
          • Any act that is similar in degree to the actions specified above.


If a house thinks they need a 24 hour notice, the house is to call staff and chapter and they will come to the house together to investigate the situation.



A house cannot issue a 24 hour notice on their own.